July 16, 2024

Rumors in the NBA: Warriors are getting “lowball” trade proposals for Andrew Wiggins

Amidst their dismal start to the season, there is a lot of conjecture around the Golden State Warriors’ moves leading up to the 2024 NBA trade deadline. According to earlier reports, the Warriors could consider trading for any player not named Stephen Curry, with struggling forward Andrew Wiggins being considered the “most likely” candidate.

A couple clubs have discussed a trade including Andrew Wiggins with the Warriors, according to Siegel. Due to Wiggins’ decline in output this season, Golden State believes that clubs have been undervaluing him overall, which has made them reluctant to really deal the former All-Star.

It’s seeming more and more likely that Wiggins will stay a Warrior when the clock strikes after 3 PM ET on February 8th, despite the rumors. In response to the reports, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said that the 6-foot-7 wing played a key role in Golden State’s 2022 championship run. His aim is that the Canadian stays in the Bay Area, he continued.

The fact that Wiggins has been playing much better lately might have made the Warriors less likely to cut him before the trade deadline. The former No. 1 overall choice has averaged 18.0 points and 4.8 rebounds over his previous five games while shooting 61.1 percent from the field (63.8 percent from three-point range).

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