July 22, 2024

This season, Andrew Wiggins has been the subject of numerous trade speculations involving the Warriors. It almost seems inevitable that Wiggins will be dealt given how much his name has been brought up, but head coach Steve Kerr is hoping that’s not the case.

“I think he’s playing well, and I’m very hopeful and expect him to be here when the trade deadline passes,” Kerr stated on Wiggins. He helped us win a championship a year and a half ago, so I believe he has been a key member of our team for years. His career still has a long way ahead of it. I sincerely hope he’s here, and I anticipate his presence. I doubt any player is able to play their whole career without having a trade rumor involving them.”

Even though Andrew Wiggins is a crucial component of the Warriors, something needs to change with this group. At 20-24, the Golden State Warriors are still one game away of the play-in round. For a team that has had a healthy Steph Curry for the majority of the season, it is completely unacceptable. The Warriors’ younger players have proven to be extremely vital this season, so they will need to decide who they are willing to sacrifice in order to get better.


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