July 16, 2024

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If the Minnesota Vikings want to trade up to draft a quarterback in the 2024 draft, it will cost them something significant.

Previous dealings around the NFL bear that out, and it would be no secret that they would be looking to secure a quarterback as teams making such a move often are. The Vikings won’t get into a prime position to land a top-tier quarterback in the draft without a substantial price paid.

According to former Vikings general manager Rick Spielman, left tackle Christian Darrisaw could be a worthy enough piece to pique the New England Patriots’ interest.

“The ‘pipe dream’ for the Patriots, per Spielman, would be the Vikings trading receiver Justin Jefferson as part of a package that includes multiple first-round picks. Or maybe starting left tackle Christian Darrisaw,” ESPN’s Patriots reporter Mike Reiss wrote on April 14.

Reiss noted that tackle and wide receiver are New England’s greatest needs after quarterback.

“I know if any team is coming up to No. 3, they’re coming up to get a premium position. So I’m going to squeeze them for everything I can,” Spielman said, per Reiss. “And if I need a quarterback, too, as New England does, then the deal better be pretty rich for me to pass up one of these quarterbacks and move down. They would have to pay above a premium.”

Darrisaw was the No. 23 overall pick in the 2021 draft. The 24-year-old is going into the final year of his rookie contract.

It’s putting Minnesota in a situation similar to the one they are in with Jefferson. Darrisaw’s fifth-year option will cost $16 million – a nearly $14 million raise which could spark some uncomfortable conversations for the Vikings.

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