July 22, 2024

UNBELIEVABLE: Jacksonville Jaguars head coach request for termination of contract as he bitterly explained

The Jacksonville Jaguars have proved to be one of the more active NFL franchises in free agency thus far, welcoming eight new faces to Duval County. But has the team got better? Let’s compare the additions to the losses one by one, and see where we stand:

Okay. On star power alone, it’s easy to condemn the Jaguars’ moves at wide receiver as one giant misstep. And, in some regard, there are plenty of questions for general manager Trent Baalke to answer. After all, the front office had told everyone that they wanted Calvin Ridley back, only to see him depart for Tennessee. Why? Because they dragged their heels signing edge rusher Josh Allen, who consequently needed to be tagged. That meant Ridley hit the open market, and the Titans coughed up stupid money that Jacksonville wasn’t willing to match. Regardless of your opinion of Ridley, this kind of roster management has plagued the Jaguars for some time.

That being said, in terms of value for money, it’s not even close. Davis is five years younger than Ridley, and costs $10m a year less to have on the team. Whilst his production as a whole hasn’t reached the heights of his predecessor, ‘Big Play Gabe’ has shown up in big moments for the Buffalo Bills – and you feel there’s a lot more to come from the Floridian as he returns to the East Coast. Nobody is naive enough to think that the Jags are done at receiver, but perhaps this may be a case of addition by subtraction. Baalke certainly hopes so.

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