July 23, 2024

Buffalo Bills add versatile OL, popular meme to roster (4 things to know)

If there was ever a player who needed to play for Sean McDermott at some point in his career it would be Will Clapp.

On Friday, Clapp, 28, officially signed a one-year deal with the Buffalo Bills. Here is what Bills fans need to know about Clapp.

Experienced lineman

Following a collegiate career at LSU, Clapp has played with the New Orleans Saints (2018-2021) and the Los Angeles Chargers (2022-2023). During his time in the league, Clapp has appeared in 65 games making 21 starts. Fourteen of Clapp’s starts have come in the past two seasons.

In addition to his experience, Clapp brings versatility to Buffalo’s roster. The majority of his playing time has come at center in his NFL career, but Clapp can also play both guard spots. With his ability to play three spots on the offensive line, Clapp has a good chance of landing a backup spot on the Bills’ roster

Part lineman, part meme

In addition to being a lineman, Clapp is also a popular meme thanks to his name. Will Clapp memes are popular on Twitter/X and on TikTok.

Justin Herbert was familiar with the meme and had plenty of fun interacting with his offensive lineman. Following the signing, some Bills fans celebrated acquiring the memes in 2024

Familiar with OC Joe Brad

During Clapp’s rookie season, Bills offensive coordinator Joe Brady was the New Orleans Saints’ offensive assistant. Clapp and Brady formed a relationship during that season. When Brady left the following year to coach at LSU, Clapp’s alma mater, Clapp celebrated the move.

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