July 12, 2024

Report: Red bull will not be pursuing Baker Mayfi…

Another day, another race and the way he’s going, that impossible thought of a Max Verstappen clean-sweep this season just starts to get that little bit bigger.

Of course there are 22 races still to go in the 2024 season. That’s 22 times for something to go wrong with the strategy, or the weather or the car or the driver, but the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix was the latest example of a driver in about as fine a harmony with his machine as F1 has ever witnessed.

Red Bull, for all its off-track dramas remains as sharp a race team as ever and the RB20 looks bullet-proof. There is seemingly no logical reason at the moment as to why Verstappen could not sweep the season – except maybe the very idea of it.

But someone is going to have to pull an almighty rabbit out of their hat, and fast.

This article has sometimes drawn criticism for not putting Verstappen as a ‘Winner’ when he has won the race – and it goes without saying that he is, but the object is to bring to your attention other stories from the weekend when Verstappen has put in a crushing display.

There are only so many times you can wax lyrical about the brilliance of the level on which he is operating at the moment without it getting boring.

So we start our Winners and Losers from the 2024 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix with a history maker.

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