July 12, 2024

Heart breaking news: Bamas has lost a greet player…..

The Alabama Crimson Tide won in a thrilling overtime over the Arkansas Razorbacks on Saturday in Tuscaloosa.

The Tide never led in regulation, somehow forced overtime, and then gutted out a big home win on Senior Night over the talented-but-underachieving Razorbacks, as Musselman’s team came up short once again — and you just hate to see it.

Given the Hogs struggles this year, ‘Bama may have been mailing it in. And for the first third of the game, you could not find a more disinterested bunch: disinterested in defense, disinterested in rebounding, disinterested in ball movement, disinterested in ball security. The Tide were simply lazy. But even when they decided to turn it on, they were out of position much the night and way too sloppy.

This was certainly not the opponent to sleep on either. Since Muss and Nate arrived, these two teams have rapidly ignited one of the SEC’s most fierce, personal rivalries — Tide/Razorback contests have been physical, fast, frantic and hotly contested.

And, despite their woeful record this year, there is abundant talent in Fayetteville. When they’re focused (and not embroiled in allegedly unsavory personal drama), the Piggies can unleash hell; they swept A&M and played Kentucky far better than ‘Bama did.

Sears was strong all game, as was Nick Pringle, who notched a double-double. But this one will probably be remembered for Alabama stealing a critical game after some clutch late heroics from Nelson and especially Latrell Wrightsell.


The Tide got starting guard Latrell Wrightsell, Jr. back full-time after missing four full games and most of a fifth — not coincidentally, over that stretch, ‘Bama went 1-4, with some laughably one-sided losses to Florida, Kentucky, and Auburn.

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