July 12, 2024

Disappointing News For Raiders The.

efensive end Maxx Crosby is starting to cement himself as one of the best defensive players in the NFL. However, his rise was almost not with the Las Vegas Raiders.

Crosby came into the league as a fourth-round pick of the team in 2019. Nobody knew he quickly developed into an All-Pro player, including former head coach Jon Gruden. According to Crosby, the coach almost wanted to cut him during training camp for his rookie season.

“He literally threatened to cut me on the middle of the field my first training camp,” Crosby said during the February 9 episode of “Pardon My Take.” “…It was like the second week of training camp, I swat a ball down and I’m f***in’ hype, celebrating, and he’s looking at me all irritated. Then it happens again — boom swat a ball down. And it happens at the end of practice for the third time. He’s like, ‘Stop swatting the f***in’ ball down. I’ll f***in’ cut your a**, I swear to God.”

Luckily for the Raiders, Crosby listened to the coach and didn’t get cut. He’s now a two-time All-Pro and on a $94 million contract so moving on from him as a rookie would’ve been a disaster for Las Vegas.

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