July 16, 2024

Las Vegas Raiders beats New York Jets to sign $200m target, as confirmed by his agent after victory!” DONE DEAL…

\Former Las Vegas Raiders’ linebacker Chandler Jones has an opportunity to avoid a jail sentence, stemming from a domestic violence case. The Raiders’ released Jones in September, following the arrest.

Las Vegas Justice Court records state Jones received a suspended 90-day jail sentence on June 17. It will allow him to avoid jail time if he stays out of trouble and has no contact with his victim, except for Family Court orders. Jones entered a plea of no contest, leading to the dismissal of one domestic violence charge, according to court records.

Before receiving the interim sentence, Jones entered a nolo contendere plea, or a no contest plea, that resulted in one of his domestic violence charges being dismissed, court records show. The second charge will be dismissed if Jones complies with the condition to stay out of trouble through Dec. 17.

The charges against Jones came in connection with his September arrest. The Metropolitan Police Department said he violated a temporary protection order from the mother of his son. In the report, police said Jones got naked and burned the woman’s belongings that he took from her backyard, including a recycling bin, pool net and dog toys.

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