July 23, 2024

edia to announce enhanced security protocols and designate the Super Bowl as a “no drone zone” on Wednesday.

Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary of homeland security, together with representatives from the league, FBI, and Secret Service stated that there haven’t been any “specific or credible” threats to Sunday’s championship game at Allegiant Stadium. However, they claimed to be searching for them.


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Mayorkas cut short a question about it during his first public appearance since the U.S. House of Representatives failed in a vote to impeach him on Tuesday. He also denied the accusations that prompted Republicans in Congress to want to remove him from the Biden Administration cabinet as “baseless.” Among them are allegations that Mayorkas lied in government reports and that he hasn’t adequately enforced immigration rules to protect the American border with Mexico.

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The Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs were playing for the AFC championship on January 28 when the game was stopped for seven minutes. The Secretary of Homeland Security explained why. He added that over Baltimore’s M&T Bank Stadium, an unmanned drone aircraft had been spotted. Authorities subsequently stated that they tracked the plane and detained a man from Pennsylvania on suspicion of felonies.

“On Wednesday, NFL Chief Security Officer Cathy Lanier asked the media to please leave their weapons of any kind at home, along with drones, umbrellas, and selfie sticks.” The Super Bowl is a drone-free zone.

There will be 750 federal law enforcement officers in Las Vegas for the Super Bowl and associated festivities, according to U.S. Secret Service agent in charge Karon Ransom. She called the endeavor a

The FBI’s special agent in charge of the Las Vegas office, Spencer Evans, stated that his organization was “monitoring and sharing” “every scrap of information that indicates a potential threat” from “criminal actors or a hostile nation-state” with other agencies and “appropriate private-sector partners.”

Evans stated, “This includes threat intelligence obtained from our U.S. intelligence community, our own databases, and social media or open source materials.”

In addition to repeating his call for witnesses to come forward, Clark County Sheriff Kevin McMahill mentioned that Las Vegas has recently played host to a number of high-profile events, including the Formula One Las Vegas Grand Prix in November, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas shooting in December, and the New Year’s Eve fireworks that drew hundreds of thousands of people.

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