July 16, 2024

Scott Brown maintains that Philippe Clement is free to express himself as he declined to respond disrespectfully to a different manager.

The manager of Ayr United is getting ready for Saturday’s Scottish Cup matchup with Rangers. Ibrox coach Clement stated that Brown “doesn’t like Rangers very much” as he anticipated the matchup in the round of 16. The manager of Somerset Park grinned and said, “I have a lot of love for Rangers,” before going into further detail about the straight comment made by the Belgian. “That’s okay, he can say what he wants,” Brown remarked. Whatever he talks about, that is up to him in my opinion. I promise not to belittle other bosses.

Aiden McGeady on Scott Brown Ayr management impression as Celtic hero  changes style - Football Scotland

“My team and I are the main focus here. I worked for Celtic on the other side of Glasgow. People obviously connected the dots. However, that was a long time ago for me, and now this is my primary concern.

are to travel to Govan, the Ayr manager is clear that it is about his Championship team and not about his time with Celtic. Brown stated:

As they prepare to travel to Govan, the Ayr manager is clear that it is about his Championship team and not about his time with Celtic. “Exactly,” Brown

I’ve become accustomed to it over the years. That’s just a natural aspect of my career and the venues I performed. Although I hope to be invited back, I am more concerned with our boys and how they handle and remember this event.

Naturally, Brown has returned to Ibrox after leaving Celtic, having once played for Aberdeen and scored a diving header there. “My time of playing and running around is definitely over,” he declared. Going there as manager now is different.

responded. To be fair, you will always have to choose between the two; it is never going to be easy. I chose Celtic, and I had a great time there. There, I enjoyed 14 fantastic seasons. Now, though, is my time with Ayr, and I can’t wait to see her again.


Brown encourages his teammates to enjoy the assignment and is thrilled about the challenging nature of it. Although the manager at Celtic won six Scottish Cup winners’ medals, he emphasized that it was a long time ago. These boys are the focus now, and we want to help them become the best versions of themselves.

“I’m not here to discuss my professional experiences. That has been resolved. In ten years, people can read about that. I need to be driven to be the best manager I can be going forward.



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