July 16, 2024

disappointment news: a key player for Toronto has just admitted that he made an embarrassing mistake for selecting Toronto over his

The Toronto Maple Leafs are hoping to return to the postseason after a disappointing 2022-23 campaign. As of this writing, they are tied for the first wild card in the Eastern Conference with the Detroit Red Wings, but fortunately they have games in each team. It’s fair to assume they’ll shop at the 2024 trade deadline to bolster their roster and make their team more competitive than it already is. Going undefeated in the Stanley Cup since 1967 is hurting the franchise, and they’re looking to change the narrative that they can’t win another one..

Reaves dropped the word “speculate” which could hint at something else going on behind the scenes. Whether or not he is on his way out of Toronto, there is proof in his production that he is the odd man out and could be someone the team chooses to move on from to free up cap space. With that being said, three rebuilding teams could take an interest in acquiring him and taking on his contract to add veteran depth while the team continues through its long process.

The Chicago Blackhawks earned the holy grail of draft picks when they won the draft lottery and earned the opportunity to select Connor Bedard out of the Western Hockey League (WHL) who was playing for the Regina Pats and was considered to be a potential superstar. As the Blackhawks continue through their long rebuild, they have surrounded Bedard with veterans he can continue to learn the parts of the game from, and could benefit from Reaves in two ways. He is another veteran with term on his contract who can add depth and boost morale in the locker room, and the Maple Leafs may be willing to trade him for close to nothing.

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