July 12, 2024

UNBELIEVABLE: BROWS coach request for termination of contract as he bitterly explained

As Super Bowl Week commences, the Browns have officially filled most of their vacant assistant coaching staff positions and will soon be shifting their attention to the NFL Combine and free agency. Here are some burning questions facing the franchise.

The Browns offseason rolls into Super Bowl week as new offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey met with the media for the first time on Monday. Plenty of questions loom large from play-calling to the Browns biggest needs with free agency fast approaching. Each week we’ll answer the burning questions that face the franchise as they build for 2024. Let’s tackle four right now!

I’ll maintain what I’ve been saying: Kevin Stefanski should retain play-calling going into 2024. All due respect to Ken Dorsey, but while his offenses did rank near the top of the league in certain categories with Buffalo, a deeper dive into his offense reveals some concerning discrepancies. His offense neglected tight ends, Bills running back James Cook got better after Dorsey left. So did star quarterback Josh Allen, partically as a runner.

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