July 22, 2024

Done Deal: The Browns and Dallas have agreed to a contract worth $62.7 million.

The Browns offseason rolls into Super Bowl week as new offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey met with the media for the first time on Monday. Plenty of questions loom large from play-calling to the Browns biggest needs with free agency fast approaching. Each week we’ll answer the burning questions that face the franchise as they build for 2024. Let’s tackle four right now!

I’ll maintain what I’ve been saying: Kevin Stefanski should retain play-calling going into 2024. All due respect to Ken Dorsey, but while his offenses did rank near the top of the league in certain categories with Buffalo, a deeper dive into his offense reveals some concerning discrepancies. His offense neglected tight ends, Bills running back James Cook got better after Dorsey left. So did star quarterback Josh Allen, partically as a runner.

I think Dorsey will bring some great perspective into offensive meetings on getting more out of quarterback Deshaun Watson, but as far as I’m concerned that’s where his role should begin and end. It’s a devil that you know situation. Stefanski has proven he’s a great play-caller in this league, his colleagues in Berea continue to say it’s one of his greatest strengths. Why give it up then?

There’s a couple different options here. The organization may believe it’s defensive line related with so many guys from last year’s group set to hit free agency. Personally, I think it’s wide receiver. The Elijah Moore experiment just didn’t quite come to fruition last year. He can still have a role in this offense, but it just feels like Cleveland needs to prioritize adding another weapon outside for Watson behind Amari Cooper. Plus, Cooper is entering his age 30 season, on the final year of his deal. It may make sense to bring someone in who can take the No. 1 wide receiver mantle at some point.

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