July 16, 2024

New York Yankees Sign a new Big key player Boston Red Sox…

It’s bad enough that when the Red Sox were taunting the Yankees with nine stolen bases in a game, former Yankees catcher Kyle Higashioka was among the MLB leaders in throwing out would-be thieves.

Now, when the Yankees desperately need production from behind the plate as their season implodes with 17 losses in the past 23 games, guess who’s on a power spree. Right, Higgy.

Higashioka hit his 11th homer for the San Diego Padres on Tuesday night, marking a career high. He hit 10 home runs each of the past three seasons with the Yankees.

But it’s not only that he’s hitting bombs: Higashioka has hit 10 homers in his past 69 at-bats.

Higashioka, who was traded in the package for slugger Juan Soto, went 1-for-2 with a two-run homer and a walk in Tuesday’s 8-3 loss to the Mariners. Higashioka’s two-run homer in the eighth cut the deficit to 7-3 for his only hit of the game.

Higashioka, playing only part time, has slashed .342/.375/.842 with six homers, 17 RBI and eight runs scored in 40 plate appearances over his last 11 games. He’ll continue to split time with Luis Campusano.

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