July 15, 2024

76ers’ Jalen Brunson could sign a team-friendly $157 million deal…

DeMar DeRozan is officially off the market after he and the Sacramento Kings came to an agreement on a three-year, $70 million contract via a sign-and-trade agreement with the Chicago Bulls. Other than Paul George going from the Los Angeles Clippers to the Philadelphia 76ers, this was the biggest seismic change we have seen in the NBA since free agency began on June 30.

At this stage, with many teams evaluating their financial situation pertaining to the first and second tax aprons, many of the remaining free agents will likely be looking to sign minimum-like contracts for bench roles. However, several impactful talents still remain available as free agents. Perhaps Tyus Jones has been the most disrespected player this offseason due to the fact that he has yet to sign a new deal. Then again, very few teams in the league are in need of immediate backcourt help.

In fact, many players still available in free agency have yet to sign their contracts because of fit and position. Overall, the biggest factor is the tax aprons that virtually every team is scared to cross.

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