July 22, 2024

Dallas Cowboys: NFL Analyst Incorrectly Identifies Key Wide Receiver as Most Overrated Player on…

With a succession of high kicks, jump lines and to be honest, really underwhelming pom poms, the Netflix docuseries, America’s Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (AKA DCC) has exposed the sexist, outdated, misogynistic, highly problematic, even dangerous reality of the elite cheerleading organisation. Directed by award-winning director Greg Whiteley, the seven-episode series follows the 2023-24 DCC squad from start to finish- starting at the audition process and training camp through the entire NFL season.

Arguably, the show does what it was meant to do – transparently sharing the emotions, challenges, and joy experienced along the cheerleader’s journey; or as Executive Vice President/Chief Brand Officer and Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders President, Charlotte Jones says, “exactly what our fans and viewers would want.” However, in doing this it also puts a huge spotlight on how highly problematic the DCC is.

When I say problematic, as anyone else who has viewed the popular series will know, I mean really problematic. It is also as the DCC leadership would say “a part of the “tradition” and so deeply ingrained in the organisation that it infiltrates everything from the cheerleader’s eyebrow shape to how much they earn.

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