July 12, 2024

Why Did Anthony Edwards Leave the Minnesota Timberwolves? Here’s What Superstar Said About…

Joe Ingles is going to play again with his old buddies during his time with the Utah Jazz. This time, it will be with the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Western Conference franchise recently agreed with the veteran forward to a one-year, $3.3 million deal.

However, the reunion with Mike Conley Jr. and Rudy Gobert could have happened a year earlier, as Ingles revealed that Minnesota attempted to acquire him in 2023.

“They actually tried to get me last year as well,” Ingles said of the Timberwolves.

“A part of it [was] having the interest for more than just: Kyle Anderson leaves and hey you can help us. Last year, they went pretty hard as well and we decided Orlando. Playing with Mike again will be awesome, obviously I know Rudy, and then helping these other guys to keep getting better.”

Ingles instead signed a two-year deal with the Orlando Magic worth $22 million with a team option for the 2024-25 campaign. As it turned out, the Magic decided against picking up that option which would have paid Ingle $11 million.

Nevertheless, he gets the chance to play with Gobert and Conley again. It’s tough to expect Ingles to get heavy minutes in the Twin Cities, but he’ll be playing for a team that is deemed a legitimate title contender after winning 56 games last season and reaching the Western Conference finals.

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