July 23, 2024

Were the Oilers or Sabres the winners in the McLeod and Savoie trade?

In a move that came a bit out of left field on Friday, the Edmonton Oilers have traded forward Ryan McLeod and Tyler Tullio to the Buffalo Sabres in exchange for top prospect Matt Savoie. This trade has sparked debate among fans and analysts, both on the Oilers and Sabres sides, raising the crucial question: who won the trade?

On one side, the Oilers part with Ryan McLeod, a solid contributor who tallied 30 points in 81 games last season. McLeod’s speed is one of his standout attributes, with NHL Edge metrics placing him in the elite category for top speed and total speed bursts. At just 24 years old, McLeod also recorded 16 goals last season, including four in the playoffs. His departure has shocked many Oilers fans, who recognize his value despite his flaws.

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