July 16, 2024

Philadelphia 76ers Cut Key $23 Million Vet Amid NBA Free Agency Moves…

As the Philadelphia 76ers try to fill out the rest of the roster, a slew of names have been linked to them left and right in recent days, ranging from high-end role players to potential veteran minimum signings that profile as ideal fits next to their new, lethal Big Three in Joel Embiid, Tyrese Maxey, and now, Paul George.

With the free agency market still bequeathed with popular names, the 76ers, now apparently a popular destination, are a natural target for the rumor mill. But as the saying goes, buyer beware — despite partnerships that seem okay on the surface, some could have bad, latent effects that could come out sooner than later.

76ers rumored to be targeting Caleb Martin, who comes with an alarming red flag

According to the latest market spill, the 76ers are reportedly one of the teams eyeing Heat wing Caleb Martin, who recently declined his $7.1 million player option to test the free agency waters. He’s rumored to be looking for a payday amounting to $15 million annually, but so far, no club has tendered that offer.

For as good as Martin fits within the 76ers’ new dynamic as a low-usage, utility wing who can be a factor on both ends of the court, that price tag he’s seeking is way too much for a profiled ancillar role.

Put simply, Philly cannot and should not try to afford Martin. Doing so would have massive drawbacks on the front office’s ability to construct a deep roster, somehting they are also strapped from doing with ease given the ramifications of signing George to a lucrative max contract.

If he’s willing to crank his salary demand to a more reasonable rate, the 76ers should pursue him by all means. Otherwise, the club would be much better off plucking less expensive options to man a supplementary role.

With so much money already committed to the players on board, Philly now needs to move with caution and consider their books. Overpaying for a role player should not be on their whiteboard at all.

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