July 16, 2024

The Philadelphia 76ers Sign Former Los Angeles Lakers Starter…

The Philadelphia 76ers didn’t just fall out of a coconut tree; they exist in the context of all they’ve lived and what came before them. Over the last decade, the Sixers have been felled by a series of unfortunate events: a GM defending roster moves (and collar sizes) through a network of burner Twitter accounts; Joel Embiid’s Bell’s Palsy foiling a playoff run; back-to-back number one picks yips-ing themselves into oblivion. A prized prospect nearly died when the team fed him a sesame seed. Tobias Harris. But now, with Paul George in tow, the Sixers can dream of a future bright enough to redeem their past.

By successfully shooting the moon to poach George from the Los Angeles Clippers, the Sixers have added perhaps the most Sixers-coded player imaginable: An All-NBAer who splits the difference between achievement and underachievement. George has more Midichlorians than just about anybody in basketball history. At his best, George is limitless. He’s an elite defender and a better shooter, a 6-foot-8 forward who handles the ball with the easy elusiveness of a white lie. Even his main weakness — his playmaking — feels more like a stylistic flourish than a true deficiency.  You wouldn’t feel like passing if you could score like George.

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