July 12, 2024

BREAKING NEWS: CHASE ELLIOTT has terminate his contract with the NASCAR and he is a free…

Chase Elliott is 28 years old and in the prime of his NASCAR Cup Series career. In his ninth full-time season, he’s recorded 19 career Cup victories, won the 2020 championship, and earned the title as the sport’s most popular driver six years in a row. With so many impressive career achievements and reflecting back on his life, what would he tell his 10-year-old self about life and racing?

“From 10 to now, a lot has changed for sure,” Elliott admitted before the June 23 New Hampshire race. “Just continue to learn in life and in racing. I think as time goes on and every year that I get older, I think I learn new things and I might look at something a little bit differently. I think as you get older, you really just start to understand and recognize priorities on the racetrack and off the racetrack, or at least that’s kind of where my head has gone over the course of my later twenties here.

“I think that will continue to change as time goes. I’m not sure if that ever stops. You know, I’ve never met a human that, whether you’re 35 or 55 or 75, that has it figured out. So, I don’t think anybody ever figures it out. I think if you just be open-minded and try to keep your eyes on the things that matter and let the rest of it sort itself out.”

Chase Elliott Details Friendship With Ryan Blaney

Chase Elliott wants to beat every driver he races against on Sunday. That includes his friend Ryan Blaney. While they’re fierce competitors on the track, the No. 9 pilot said off of it they’ve developed a close relationship that started years ago.

“I’ve known Ryan for a long time. I knew him when we were kids growing up around the racetrack with his dad racing and my dad racing at a similar time,” Elliott said. “So we kind of always had that relationship. And then ultimately we had a very similar path to getting here.

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