July 12, 2024

Mike Tomlin was captured crying after been sack today…

Much of the Pittsburgh Steelers fanbase believes the season should only end with the team hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. Unfortunately, that’s just not a realistic atmosphere. It’s not a nightmare to fail to reach the Super Bowl.

That said, bad things do happen throughout a season. For the Steelers over the past few seasons, a lot of bad has happened during the season. Even so, the team is still a playoff contender, even if winning playoff games has eluded the franchise for far too long.

Nonetheless, there are bad things that happen to teams that they can overcome and others that have harsher long-term effects. Those scenarios are the nightmares.

Let’s take a look at the seven worst things that can happen to Pittsburgh this season.

Injuries are inevitable, you just have to hope they don’t happen to superstar players.

The Steelers have been fairly unlucky in this regard. Cam Heyward, Minkah Fitzpatrick, Pat Freiermuth, and TJ Watt have all missed extensive playing time at some point in the past two seasons. Losing any of them hurts the team considerably, but losing more than one at a time is even worse.

There’s nothing anyone can do to prevent this one, but mitigating the impact with solid depth can help a great deal.

That said, the Steelers can’t afford injuries at wide receiver, cornerback, or on the defensive line this season. The depth is either young and unproven, or, in the case of the defensive line specifically, too drastic of a step down.

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