July 16, 2024

The 76ers’ three top players need to re-sign in 2024 NBA free agency…

Given the current state of the NBA where the room to win has expanded more than ever before, it’s a safe bet to bank on most battle-tested teams going all-in this offseason. The same applies to the Philadelphia 76ers which, despite another early playoff exit, will enjoy and look to capitalize on their mammoth cap space and first-round picks to move the needle.

Thanks to the James Harden deal early in the season, the 76ers managed to recoup some much-needed draft capital for their perusal this summer — a big luxury for a win-now team in a period where aggregating draft picks could net any buyer with a highly coveted piece.

The 76ers are poised to maximize their draft picks this offseason via trade

Using your own draft picks to land an intriguing prospect or two would not be out of the ordinary in most cases, but the 76ers are much more likely to leverage their war chest of first and second-rounders to try and get into the trade market for high-end starters or All-Stars. Doing so just makes too much sense for a franchise desperate to get over the hump.

Joel Embiid isn’t getting any younger and who knows unitl when he can produce at an MVP level. Tyrese Maxey has already shown that he’s one of the best second fiddles in the league. Hence, the 76ers will be much better off going all-in this offseason. Here is one trade proposal that could picture them intrigued.

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