July 22, 2024

Warriors General Manager Shares Thoughts About Reuniting with Key Player…

Draymond Green was baffled when he heard some comments made by Phoenix Suns GM James Jones about Kevin Durant. Jones said no team has managed to maximize Durant after the Suns got swept and added they would be the first to do so. In response, Green savagely reminded him that the Golden State Warriors actually did it.

Green said the Warriors allowed Durant to do the only thing he wanted to do, play basketball. He didn’t have to worry about leading a team and could just focus on his game. Green also felt that the Warriors maximized Durant on the defensive end, as he claimed the 14-time All-Star was one of the best rim protectors in the league during his time with the franchise.

Draymond thought one of the big reasons the Suns failed to get the best out of his former teammate was because they didn’t have a point guard. The 34-year-old told Jones that he needs to bring one in this offseason.

I agree with Green that not having a point guard did hurt Durant, and the Suns as a whole as well. Devin Booker and Bradley Beal are great secondary playmakers but the Suns had the two of them take turns trying to run the offense and it just didn’t work.

As for Draymond’s claim that the Warriors maximized Durant, perhaps they did. He played some of his best basketball during his time with the franchise from 2016 to 2019 and won two titles to go with two Finals MVPs.

There is someone else apart from Green who also believes the Suns didn’t utilize Durant in the best possible way, the man himself. As per a report, Durant was not comfortable with his role alongside Devin Booker and Bradley Beal and had persistent issues with the offense. He felt he was relegated to the corner far too often in an offense that was built around pick-and-rolls.

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