July 22, 2024

BREAKING NEWS: Red Bull Max Verstappen has terminated his contract of $97 million due to …

Max Verstappen broke yet another unbelievable Formula One record as he claimed victory at Sunday’s Brazilian Grand Prix.

The three-time world champion survived a chaotic start to the race to cruise to his yet another win at Interlagos.

He has now won 17 of the 20 races so far this season, and that means that no matter what happens in the final two races of the year, he’ll have a minimum win percentage of just over 77%.

That breaks the record for the highest win percentage for an F1 season, which stood at 75% and had been held by Alberto Ascari since 1952.

The Italian won six out of the eight races that year as he claimed the second of his two world-titles 71 years ago.

Given how the sport’s calendar has nearly tripled since then, it was one record that seemed unattainable to even the greatest racers, but that has changed thanks to Verstappen’s perfect driving and the dominance of the Red Bull RB19.

‘The starts were very important today. Both of them were very good,’ the 26-year-old said post-race.

‘After that the whole race was about the management of the tyres. We were good on any tyre, but I think especially that middle stint we could create a bit of a gap, and I thought that was very strong there.

‘It all looked quite good, but with the high deg around here you were constantly correcting the car, so your focus always needed to be there, but luckily it worked out great today.’

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