July 22, 2024

Horrible News Am Leaving : Kansas City QB Patrick Mahomes accepted a deal of $92.4 million to depart from Kansas City today after…

Patrick Mahomes, the star quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, has expressed his deep affection for the people of Kansas City amidst rumours that the team may be considering a move from Missouri to Kansas. The Chiefs’ lease at Arrowhead Stadium, their home since 1972, is set to expire in 2030, and despite extensive renovations between 2007-2010, the organisation is keen on further improvements.

However, with an estimated cost of $800 million, funding these renovations has become a contentious issue.

The Chiefs have seen a surge in popularity since drafting Mahomes in 2017, winning three Super Bowl championships in the past seven years and drawing larger crowds than ever before. In order to compete with rival stadiums, the Chiefs are eager to upgrade their facilities.

Voters in Jackson County, where Arrowhead is located, recently rejected a sales tax measure that would have partially funded the renovations, prompting the team to consider other options post-2030. Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt has hinted that a move to Kansas could be a viable option, but Mahomes has made it clear that he believes the fans should be the priority. His love for the people of Kansas City and his emotional attachment to Arrowhead Stadium suggest he may not be in favour of the potential relocation.

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