July 13, 2024

 Extensions On the Board For Two Key Players

Extensions for two critical Miami Heat stars are in the air following Miami’s early first-round playoff exit against the Boston Celtics.

Roster Changes, Extensions, and Speculation

With Miami’s season officially at an end, there are decisions ahead regarding the Heat roster. Rumors are already circling key players who may or may not be back next season. Terry Rozier, Tyler Herro, and Duncan Robinson are among the names mentioned recently. Miami seems to be pleased with the play of rookie Jaime Jaquez Jr. and second-year player Nikola Jovic. Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra has stated that he is glad both players have some playoff experience under them now. Regardless, Miami’s roster will likely involve change with hopes of remaining contenders going into the 2024-25 season.

It’s too soon to speculate just what the Miami Heat front office is going to do this summer. Apart from any roster adjustments, there are two key extensions on the table that will inevitably impact Miami’s offseason.

Bam Adebayo’s Extension Is Coming

As the Miami Heat’s season comes to an abrupt end, the front office looks ahead to a couple of their stars with some important decisions. With Bam Adebayo eligible for an extension, it’s still being determined what Miami will do at this time.

All signs point to extending Adebayo undoubtedly. Adebayo is one of Miami’s most important stars and the cornerstone of the Heat organization. He is reportedly eligible to sign a three-year contract worth up to $165 million this offseason. If Adebayo does agree to an extension with the Miami Heat, the deal could reach a $51.2 million salary beginning in the 2026 NBA season. Adebayo last signed a five-year, $164 million contract with Miami in 2020.

Jimmy Butler Also Eligible For Extension

Jimmy Butler is another Miami Heat star player eligible for an extension. The six-time All-Star and leader of the Heat team is reportedly looking to cash in on a max extension to stay with Miami. Butler turns 35 later this year and has dealt with injury issues each year for the last two years. Butler will reportedly request a two-year extension worth roughly $113 million.

Could Butler Be On the Trade Block This Summer?

Whether Miami is willing to oblige Butler in his demands will play out over the summer. His age and injury history are factors. However, there will unquestionably be teams that would love to have him on their roster. Butler’s name could wind up in the trade rumor mill if an extension agreement falls through. According to ESPN reporter Zach Lowe, this is a strong possibility.

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