July 24, 2024

Barry Sanders, a former Detroit Lions player, apologizes to NFL fans after…

Former Detroit Lions running back Barry Sanders apologized in a message to NFL fans following a curious decision he made this offseason. The Hall of Fame legend was known for leaving the sport prematurely, as he retired following ten years with the Lions.

Many Millennials and Gen Z football fans know of Sanders’ heroics due to the EA Sports video game franchise “Madden.” Sanders was a popular player in the Madden Ultimate Team mode because of his superior 99 overall rating. However, Sanders is stepping away from the video game.

Per a statement by Sanders on his X account, the former Lions hero announced he was discontinuing his relationship with Madden. He apologized to NFL fans who were hoping for Sanders to be in the next edition of Madden:

Sanders didn’t explain why he decided to remove his name, image, and likeness from the video game. Many fans will likely be sad they can’t use one of the best running backs in the league’s history on their ultimate team. However, it’s nice Sanders acknowledged the Madden fanbase before users downloaded the game.

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