July 16, 2024

Superstar of the Celtics Explains why the Heat are so Difficult to beat….

The NBA world was shocked earlier this week when the eight seed Miami Heat took down the best team in basketball, the Boston Celtics, in game two of their series on the road. The Celtics finished with far and away the best record in the NBA this regular season, and they are big favorites over the Heat in this series. However, Miami always seems to have some playoff magic.

Miami did win game two to even up the series, but the Celtics bounced back on Saturday night with a road win to go up 2-1 in the series. Boston didn’t have any trouble with the Heat on Saturday as they ended up winning the game 104-84. Still, Miami is very much in this series.

Jayson Tatum had a big game for the Celtics in game three as he finished with 22 points. It felt good for Boston to get that win and regain home-court advantage for the series, but Tatum knows how good this Heat team is and how they are a very difficult team to beat.

“They got a lot of actions, they move a lot,” Jayson Tatum said after game three, according to a tweet from Noa Dalzell. “They’re not really going to play isolation basketball – just got a lot of actions, set a lot of flair screens, rip screens, ball screens. They cut, so they just keep you active.”

The Heat are known for their recent playoff runs despite being low seeds, and the Celtics are very familiar with them. They know that this entire series is going to be a fight, and Tatum had a lot of good things to say about Miami after game three.

“They’re a great team,” Tatum said. “Great organization. Very well-coached. They play hard. They’re going to compete every single night.”

The Celtics are back up in the series as they lead 2-1, and that makes game four a crucial one for the Heat.

It’s not a must-win, but the Heat need a game four victory

You can’t call it a must-win game until there is literally no chance of winning the series without a win, but now that the Heat are down 2-1 in the series, they are getting close to that territory. Comebacks from down 3-1 have happened, but they are quite rare. With how good the Celtics are and the series shifting back over to Boston after game four, the Heat need to find a way to win it.

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