July 16, 2024

Breaking News: After A Controversial play Against The Knicks, Joel Embiid Made An Astonishing Statement…..

One of the most contentious players in the NBA Playoffs has been Joel Embiid, particularly following Game 3 against the New York Knicks.

When Embiid was on the ground during Game 3, he briefly grabbed Mitchell Robinson’s leg. Many people thought the moment was inappropriate, but Embiid insists he was only attempting to defend himself following Jonathan Kuminga’s unintentional damage to him in late January.

“Obviously Mitchell Robinson jumping and trying to land, trying to make sure he doesn’t land on me because obviously we know the history that I have with Kuminga landing on my knee,” said Embiid. “So I kind of had some flashbacks, when he came down to it.”

Embiid reaffirmed his claims, adamant that he was merely attempting to defend himself and wasn’t intending to harm anyone. That’s the narrative that Embiid is sticking to, regardless of whether Knicks supporters buy into the superstar center.

It was regrettable. Embiid declared, “I didn’t mean to hurt anybody.” I have to stand up for myself in those circumstances because I have been on the losing end of far too many occasions. Yes, it was a physical game, but it was regrettable. Their goal is to introduce the physicality. We are also capable of becoming physical. Thus, it is reciprocal. I simply keep playing despite getting banged all over the place because I won’t take it anymore. I have to maintain my composure and watch out for straying from who I am. However, I must be true to who I am—physically forceful and assertive.”

Before the season, there was already tension between Philadelphia 76ers and New York Knicks supporters.

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