July 16, 2024

Official Report: The Georgia Head coach Was Slammed By A Formal Player of..

Georgia head coach Kirby Smart admits program hasn't 'solved' issue of  speeding | Fox News

DeAnna Bowers still struggles to understand how her son, barely two years after leaving Napa High, appears on billboards throughout Georgia touting an injury law firm. Or how he’s all over social media and television, extolling the virtues of a credit union and his favorite chicken sandwich.

“People are listening to him on the radio and watching him on TV ads,” DeAnna said. “It’s just crazy.”

Brock Bowers’ ascent in his first two seasons at Georgia earned him All-America honors at tight end while helping the Bulldogs win consecutive national championships. His success coincided with college athletes’ new freedom to profit from their name, image and likeness (NIL) by doing paid endorsements.

Although Bowers’ agent would not disclose his client’s earnings, Bowers entered the 2022 season as one of 14 college football players with an estimated NIL valuation of more than $1 million, according to On3.com, which analyzes college sports data. This made him the first Bay Area athlete to reach that plateau.

It would have been difficult to imagine such riches in fall 2020, when Bowers, now 20, simmered with frustration after the pandemic wiped out his senior season at Napa. He enrolled early at Georgia, quickly climbed the depth chart and soon was awash in touchdown passes and titles, conveniently at the dawn of the NIL era.

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