July 12, 2024


The 2024 NFL Draft is less than a week away, which leads Steelers Nation into a nailbiting frenzy as to which players the team will select throughout the three-day event. Of course, I’m not different! I’ve been agonizing over the last few months as to what the team needs are versus the players they’d like to add.

But first, as is tradition, I have some rules I like to establish:

  • I keep top 30 visits to the Steelers facility, past draft history, and pro day visits in mind as I ran several simulations to come up with a somewhat realistic approach to my fantasy draft.
  • While enticing, I stuck with the Steelers original picks for this particular mock draft: I hate simulator trades with a passion. (Not to mention they are clearly broken and can be gamed to really skew the outcome of a mock draft.)

Also, I only allow myself to take a player that’s available consistently when running several mocks through various services. Every one of these platforms, from Pro Football Network to Pro Football Focus, has a different “big board” that ranks rookie prospects in varying degrees. Sorry fans, that means no Caleb Williams to the Steelers this year.

Regardless, this is a fun exercise to see if we can predict the unpredictable. Many fans participate in betting and looking up Pittsburgh Steelers Game Lines to contribute to the draft craze, with experts all but certain a player will land with a specific team, only to find that their “bracket is busted” much like the March Madness tournament.

I suspect my “bracket” will be broken in the same way, but alas, here are my predictions for the Pittsburgh Steelers 2024 NFL Draft.

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