July 13, 2024

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Josh Allen attributes his success as a quarterback to the quality of receiver Stefon Diggs

Despite the seemingly impersonal nature of ending their on-field partnership with a simple exchange of text messages, Bills quarterback Josh Allen expressed his deep appreciation for receiver Stefon Diggs during their four seasons together in Buffalo.

Allen chose not to mention any negative aspects of Diggs’ personality or occasional sideline outbursts, focusing instead on praising his former teammate in his first opportunity to discuss Diggs’ trade to the Houston Texans earlier this month.

“I just thanked him for everything he did for me, and I’ll always hold a special place in my heart for him. I’ll always love that guy like a brother.

And I wish him nothing but the best,” Allen revealed about his text message to Diggs. “My enduring memory of Stef will be the receiver who helped me develop into the quarterback I am today.”

Brought together in March 2020, when Buffalo traded a first-round draft pick to acquire Diggs from Minnesota, the duo proceeded to rewrite many of Buffalo’s single-season passing and scoring records, leading the team to four consecutive AFC East titles.

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