July 24, 2024

Sad News: Fans in tears as Bulldogs Hc announce retirement due to…

Kyle Pitts was something else coming out of Florida in 2021. After a breakout, dominant final season with the Gators, Pitts lit up the NFL Combine on his way to becoming the highest-drafted tight end in NFL history when he was drafted by the Falcons with the fourth-overall pick.

Pitts was seen by everyone as the “greatest tight end prospect ever.”

While things haven’t gone great for Pitts following his standout rookie season, there is no denying that he was an elite prospect.

Now, as many prepare for the 2024 NFL Draft, there has been a debate about whether or not Georgia’s Brock Bowers has taken the title from Pitts.

Who is the better tight end prospect: Kyle Pitts or Brock Bowers?

Right now, we have a weird dynamic when asking this question. Many Falcons fans are Georgia Bulldogs fans so there is a battling bias taking place. There is also some recency bias since we have seen Bowers dominate the past few years while Pitts has struggled by no fault of his own.

To answer the question at hand, we have to look at a few different aspects of the two elite prospects. Let’s start by comparing their stats during their time in the SEC.

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