July 15, 2024

TRADE DEADLINE: – Michigan Quarterback rejected $85.9 million offer from the …see more-NFL….


Jim Harbaugh will presumably have a big say in who the Los Angeles Chargers pick in the NFL Draft, and one of his former players at Michigan thinks there might be an Ann Arbor-to-Los Angeles pipeline in the making.

Former Wolverines wide receiver Roman Wilson predicted that Harbaugh will target Michigan players in the draft. Wilson even suggested that Harbaugh could take as many as six Michigan players with their nine draft picks.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if like all nine of us end up going [to the Chargers],” Wilson said on the NFL on FOX podcast. “But seriously, like at least five or six. I think he’s going to take a lot of us.”

That might ultimately depend on how the board shakes out. The Chargers pick fifth in the first round, and the only Michigan player that will even be in the conversation to go that high is quarterback JJ McCarthy. As much as Harbaugh loves his former college quarterback, the position is not a need for the Chargers. Later in the draft, however, it is certainly conceivable that Harbaugh could push the team to take a long look at some of his former players.

Ironically, Harbaugh may have a plan that leads to him taking an Ohio State player in the first round.

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