July 15, 2024

Unbelievable: Georgia Head Coach said choosing Bulldogs was the biggest mistake he has ever made…..

“Before we get to football, I know there is a lot of interest in the Trevor (Etienne) situation from this past weekend. I first want to reiterate what I said last week about the kid. I have really enjoyed getting to know him. I think he is a great kid and a great person. We have gotten to know his family. He enjoys being coached, and he is a bright kid. We push him hard out there, and he really loves the competition.

As we also know, sometimes kids don’t make the best decisions. The older you get sometimes the tougher the consequences are for your mistakes. He is not going to let this mistake define him. He is embarrassed, he is upset and he knows he has made a mistake. It is a teaching moment, and we think he gets better from it.

In addition to our university discipline process, we have all the stuff we deal with in-house, and he will be under the same rules we have in-house as well as university discipline. Disappointed in his decision-making, but he is a good kid, and with that I will open it up for questions.”

“Some of both. Some of it has to play itself out. We are still gathering information in terms of the report and things, but some things we know already as usual. Like I said, the university discipline is going to take its course as well as what he has to have consequences from his actions from the team. Both those things will play out as we gather more information.”

“I thought Carson (Beck) had a really good spring last year because he took more of the No. 1 reps than he ever had, and he had a really good fall. I fully expected that to happen with him. Dillon Bell last year had a really good spring, and I thought he had a good season. A couple of the good linebackers had great springs and then jumped forward. There are a lot of guys out there having good springs right now, but only time will tell whether that turns into a great fall.”

“He is a great kid. We recruited him as a size and speed player. He has really good size, really good speed. He is fun to coach and is a great kid. He played a lot of nickel-star in high school more like a sam linebacker walk out in space. We taught him his freshman year how to play safety — that was new for him. Last year, I felt like he got to a point he could really understand our defense — know it, react. If you’ve never seen things from 10 yards and you have only played them from two to three yards, it is a big change in visual backing up. He’s gotten that pretty good and is working some with Joenel (Aguero) at star as well. I feel like he’s had a good spring this far as far as picking things up. He is competing at two positions, so he is a dual-train guy, getting more mental reps at star since he hasn’t played that, while also getting reps at safety. I am excited to see him in his first scrimmage this Saturday.”

“If everybody understands Kamari’s (Lassiter) situation last year, he could only practice 30-40 percent of the practices during the season. There was a lot of available reps for Julian. He did a great job. He worked hard. He picked things up. He had to increase his toughness. He has always been able to run. He has always been able to cover. His issues came from knowing exactly what to do in motion, things change. I thought last year he did a great job at that. He picked all that up. He played really big in our Missouri game and covered people well. He had a breakout game there. Then he has the unfortunate injury against Ole Miss. He has had a good spring practice so far. I hope that continues. He’s hungry. We have good competition going on at corner. We don’t look at it as two corners. We look at it as if there are four corners that can play, one of them is going to also play STAR. They will all play. The more winning football players we can have at corner, the better off our team can be.”

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