July 22, 2024

Did Celtics Star Jayson Tatum Mess Up Your Parlay? Here’s His Response

After years of viewing sports gambling as a no-no, the NBA embraces it today. Betting lines are plastered all over the television screen with live spreads. There’s no escaping sports betting these days as the game plays along. Just ask Boston Celtics star Jayson Tatum.

Tatum admitted he hears it from sports-betting fans during the game. Fans are constantly telling him to throw up another 3-pointer, grab one more rebound, or put in two more points so they can win their bet. He addressed the issue during a talk with reporters in Atlanta in between games of a two-game series with the Hawks, saying he does feel bad when he doesn’t come through for the fans.

These days, the NBA is much more than winning and losing. With sports betting now legal in many states, many fans are into the game for selfish reasons — to make a few bucks.

Not only are people betting on what team will win the game, but there are numerous player propositions as well. How many points will a certain player have? How many rebounds? Will he get a triple-double? If there’s a stat, there’s likely a prop bet for it.

Tatum said the yelling from fans goes well beyond the typical “Go Tatum” or “You stink” chants. Many yell for him to do something specific so they can cash in.

“Fans yell that (expletive) all the time,” Tatum told reporters during a practice at Georgia Tech. “Shoot one more 3. Get one more rebound. Get 25 before the half is over. It definitely is a part of it, for sure.

“It wasn’t like that my first few years. It’s definitely changed. I guess when you hit people’s parlays and do good for them, they tell me. but then they also talk (expletive) when I’m on the court and I didn’t get 29-and-a-half (points) or whatever I was supposed to do.”

For Tatum, winning on the court is most important. He and the Celtics have done a great job, as they own the best record in the NBA at 57-15. The Celtics have already clinched the top seed in the Eastern Conference and own a 6.5-game lead over the defending champion Denver Nuggets, the frontrunner out West. The Celtics are looking to return to the NBA Finals for the first time since 2022. They haven’t won a championship since 2008.
Tatum said he definitely hears the gambling noise during games, and he also sees it all over social media. With numerous sportsbooks looking to take your money, sports gambling is widespread.

When it comes to hearing it from the fans, Tatum said he just goes with the flow. He also admitted that he’s doing his best to help those who bet on him win.

“You see people on Twitter, you know fans going back and forth with players on Twitter about how you lost them money and (expletive) like that,” Tatum said. “I guess it’s kind of funny, and I guess I do feel bad when I don’t hit people’s parlays. I don’t want them to lose money, but I just go out there and try to play the game.”

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