July 16, 2024

Stephen Curry has just been sentenced to 30 years in love triangle manslaughter case…..

Gilbert Arenas and his crew are back with another statement. This time, the crew of Gil’s Arena talked about the Chris Paul incident. The Golden State Warriors star was issued a technical foul for his behavior during the team’s loss at home to the Indiana Pacers.

Chris Paul faced ejection in the closing seconds of the game. This came after he received his second technical foul. He spoke to the media about the reason for the ejection. It was a weird reason to eject someone as well. Gilbert Arenas didn’t have any of it. Further, he used his platform to question what the NBA Commissioner would do about it. He said:

Arenas did make a fair statement. An ejection of this kind has no place in basketball. After speaking to the media, Chris Paul went ahead and posted a TikTok video of Tony Brothers on his Instagram social media page.

Apparently, by the look of things, the official got worried about his TikTok popularity and then saw it as warranting a technical foul for CP3. However, Arenas, known for his candid comments, could not resist the urge to make a mockery out of the situation.

Chris Paul says ‘TikTok’ referee has too much powers

Chris Paul had revealed the reason why he got ejected following his team’s 123-111 loss at the hands of the Indiana Pacers. It was a moment that even stunned Coach Steve Kerr. Chris Paul further shed more light on his thoughts about the famous match official.

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