July 16, 2024

PROBLEM: Orleans Saints head coach has just announced hes immediate resignation aftern been….

Michael Thomas continues to voice his displeasure with the

Orleans Saints

his former team, and head coach Dennis Allen, after taking to social media on Tuesday to question how the organization handles injuries.

Thomas, who is now a free agent, shared pointed criticism for Allen, who voiced some concern Tuesday morning over the recovery of right tackle Ryan Ramczyk from a nagging knee injury.

Allen said there now could be reason for concern over Ramczyk’s status headed into the 2024 season.

“A few weeks ago, I was feeling a lot better about it, and yet I don’t know that I’m seeing as much progress as I was hoping to see at this point,” Allen said, later adding, “We got plenty of time. … We’re just going to have to wait and see how that all goes as we go through all the offseason and as we get into the training camp aspect.”

Thomas saw Allen’s comments and responded with criticism for his former coach and team.

“it’s like he uses the same line and just changes the players name as if there isn’t a team doctor and trainers on staff that have nothing to do with it,” Thomas said in a post on X. “They trying to protect them as much as possible but hey don’t mind me I don’t work there no more. But that’s the real problem.”

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