July 12, 2024

Unbelievable: Skol vikings QB has just been fired due to the way he….see more on-NFL……

This year’s NFL Draft represents a huge test for both Kwesi Adofo-Mensah and Kevin O’Connell as individuals and as a team. This is by far the biggest decision either one has had to this point in their tenure with the Minnesota Vikings, and the decisions made in this year’s draft are likely to impact the team for at least 4 seasons – and perhaps longer than that.

The Vikings need a quarterback, and this year’s draft features six excellent prospects. The Vikings have the No. 11 pick and that will allow them to get one of those quarterback. But they also have the No. 23 pick, and if they combine the two picks in a trade offer to the Arizona Cardinals (fourth pick overall) or the Los Angeles Chargers (fifth pick), they should be able to get the fourth-best quarterback in the draft.

However, if the want the second- or third-best quarterback, it will cost more than those two spots in the draft. They would have to throw in a second-round pick in 2025, or perhaps a first-rounder. That’s what it will likely take to made a deal with the Washington Commanders (No. 2) or the New England Patriots (No. 3).

Making such a deal could be justified in the media, but it would be the wrong decision. The Vikings need O’Connell to make a decision on the quarterback he wants to work with for at least four seasons and it will be up to Adofo-Mensah to figure out which player is best for the franchise. Hopefully, the two men will both be right and will also be in agreement on the player.

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