July 15, 2024

It’s no secret. The Seattle Seahawks had a major linebacker problem heading into this off-season. After losing Bobby Wagner, Jordyn Brooks, and Devin Bush to free agency the Seahawks were going to have to completely rebuild their off-ball linebacker group. So who will step up and be the next Bobby Wagner in Seattle?

General manager John Schneider has already been aggressive signing multiple free agent linebackers to the team in Jerome Baker and Tyrel Dodson, but the team doesn’t have any other returning linebacker who played more than 21 defensive snaps last year. They’re almost certainly going to be adding one via the NFL Draft. A few weeks ago our very own Evan Winter was already eyeing the perfect fit at linebacker for the Seahawks. After today, it looks like he may have been on to something.

According to Jim Nagy, Executive Director of the Senior Bowl, the Seahawks’ linebackers coach flew 2000 miles across the country to make it to the Michigan Pro Day. Why does that matter? Michigan has one of the best linebackers in the entire 2024 NFL Draft class, Junior Colson.

Yes, the Wolverines have 17 other prospects who got NFL Combine invites. There are plenty other talents to pay attention to today. However, it is notable that the Seahawks’ only confirmed defensive staff member present was their linebackers coach.

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