July 23, 2024

$70 million edge rusher and former San Francisco 49er edge rusher Randy Gregory may land with NFC West rival Seattle Seahawks this offseason. According to CBS Sports, the NFC West stalwart is showing interest in Gregory to boost their defense. There’s no such thing as too many options as the Seahawks are searching for reliable talent to rush the passer. They’re not ineffective in this department, but they haven’t had a true lethal pass rush since the Legion of Boom days.

Former Seahawk linebacker, Bobby Wagner is not returning to the team after signing a one-year deal with the Washington Commanders. He was one of the last members of Pete Carroll’s defense. This now leads to a need on their defensive front and it seems like they could bring Gregory to help. His market is likely dipping with his track record of injuries which makes him an affordable addition for the team.

The Nebraska product was selected in the second round of the 2015 NFL Draft by the Dallas Cowboys and has had a bit of a tumultuous career. Gregory hasn’t played up to his potential yet after his plaguing injuries and repeated substance abuse issues. However, he may find a new life with a reunion with current Seahawks defensive coordinator, Aden

When the 49ers acquired him, they were hoping that he could be a contributor to the pass rush to help Nick Bosa. It didn’t quite work out like they were anticipating and Gregory was taking fewer snaps as the season progressed. However, he still has another chance to play with a new team despite his unproductivity.

$70 Million Edge Rusher Randy Gregory May Land With NFC West Rival Seattle Seahawks

Could He Become a Starter Again?

Although it didn’t work out as a long-term option for the 49ers, things may work still in Gregory’s career. It’s easy to root for him after he overcame substance abuse and injuries throughout his NFL tenure. His story will always be remembered for his squandered opportunities in his quest for redemption again. Gregory spent his first six seasons with the Dallas Cowboys battling his demons with his fallout from substance abuse.

Some were saying that Gregory was going to be released until Jerry Jones gave him multiple chances to get clean. This was until he went to the Broncos and it seemingly went downhill from there. He suffered a knee injury in week four in what was a disastrous season for Denver in 2022. Gregory was playing uninspiring football again but this time injuries were plaguing his potential.

However, the 49ers scooped him as a low-risk gamble but still, it seems like he hasn’t found his true abilities. However, San Francisco could see him twice a year if he goes to Seattle. They weren’t able to acquire Danielle Hunter or Bryce Huff, but bringing Gregory for cheap would help.

Future May Be Bright

The future could be bright for wherever Gregory lands next. There will certainly be teams that may be available for his services if he’s not already signed. Even though the Seahawks pass rushing unit was the best last season doesn’t mean it will be good this year. They attempted to pursue Huff until his signing with the Eagles and there aren’t a wide variety of options left.

Uchenna Nwosu’s return from injury last season could indicate they may need an extra edge rusher. The last thing they want to do is to rush Nwosu’s starting return and may need someone like Gregory.

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