July 12, 2024

We wasn’t expecting this: Jacksonville Jaguars key prolific star reveal reasons for his departure…

One week into NFL free agency, and the whole league is nearly turned upside down. It’s been a busy week for all 32 teams, including the Jacksonville Jaguars, who have made 13 signings thus far.

It was a disappointing season for the Jaguars, who fell just short of making the playoffs, failing to live up to any expectations set upon them after a surprising 2022 season. Then again, they were decimated by injuries late last season to notable players that likely ended up leading to them losing five out of their last six games. Nonetheless, its on to the 2024 season for Doug Pederson and his Jaguars, who have been fairly active in free agency to this point.

Arik Armstead’s signing significantly strengthens the Jaguars’ interior defensive line, addressing a major weakness from last season. Despite recent injury concerns, his track record suggests he can be a quiet valuable when healthy. The move also allows the Jaguars flexibility in the draft, potentially focusing on other positions like cornerback.

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