July 16, 2024

SIGNING: Jaguars has just signed QB Trevor Lawerence for a trade worth $50million…

The Jacksonville Jaguars did what many presumed they wouldn’t do this month: spend big in free agency.

The Jaguars added a number of players on both sides of the ball, dipped their toes into the kicker market, and made their fair share of big splashes.

So, how we grade each individual move? We examine below.

In terms of fit, there may not have been a better option for the Jaguars at the center position than Mitch Morse. Were it not for the fact that he is an older player (he turns 32 in April), this grade would be even higher than it is. But make no mistake, the Jaguars made a massive upgrade at center.

Trevor Lawrence

In terms of pass protection, Morse has the experience and traits to make things easier for Trevor Lawrence. He has a high floor as a pass blocker and can be relied on in one-on-one situations more than Fortner. Then when you get to run blocking, well, it isn’t close. Fortner ranks among the worst centers in football in back-to-back seasons in terms of blown block rate.

Add in the fact that Morse is a good fit for a scheme that asks its centers to get into space — and the fact he has already played for Doug Pederson — and it is hard to find any flaw in this addition.

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