July 16, 2024

Done Deal: Jacksonville Jaguars signs a new QB for a whooping sum of $1.1M

Free agency left the Jaguars with a hole at wide receiver after Calvin Ridley cashed in with the Tennessee Titans. Gabe Davis shouldn’t be expected to fill Ridley’s shoes single-handily, even assuming a bounceback from Zay Jones. He had 321 yards in 9 games last year; Davis racked up 335 yards in Weeks 5, 8, and 12 compared to 411 yards across his other 14 games.

Ultimately, while giving up a 2nd round pick rather than a 1st would certainly be ideal, the answer to this poll comes down to this: do you have faith that Baalke can draft a top-7 NFL WR with the 17th overall pick? If the answer is yes, no-deal seems the right move. However, if you think the likelihood of Baalke drafting an Aiyuk-quality WR at pick 17 is about as likely as Luke Fortner making the Pro Bowl this year… well, where do I sign?


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