July 12, 2024

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Deputy Fire Chief Josh Bingham said the approximately 18,000-square-foot facility will be built on the grounds of the current Stanley Gann training facility off County Road 4 near the intersection of U.S. 82 and Alabama 14. That’s around the West Industrial Park.

Bingham and Police Chief Mark Thompson gave detailed exceptions for the upcoming building. Among them are office space for both departments, two 75-person classrooms, an apparatus bay for a fire engine, interior training props, plus room to host other agencies, community meetings and demonstrations.

There will be a firearms training system and a separate “shoot room” for practice scenarios while using non-lethal ammunition.

The department leaders anticipate opportunities to train first responders from other cities and states.

The police chief added he also believes this will help both departments with recruitment.

“Prattville’s police and fire departments have a strong working relationship with each other, and this joint venture will help ensure that we are providing the best training to our personnel so they can best serve our community,” Bingham said.

Thompson said there is no timetable yet for a groundbreaking, but said he hopes to see it completed by early 2025.

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