July 13, 2024

Heart breaking news: Bengals QB is court and has just been arrested for molestation and domestic violence……

Cincinnati Bengals teammates kicker Evan McPherson and linebacker undefined became girl dads on the same day: last Friday, March 15.

To make the moment even more special, their daughters were born in the same hospital. What are the chances of that?

McPherson and his wife Gracie alongside Wilson and his wife Morgan took a picture in the hospital holding their new daughters, the “birthday twins” as they called them. The McPhersons named their daughter Merritt Hayes, while the Wilsons named their daughter Kambry James

In a post by the NFL, pictures can be seen of both McPherson and Wilson sporting “girl dad” shirts and a hat.

Many of their Bengals teammates commented on their individual posts congratulating each couple for welcoming a new daughter.

The two Bengals players have been teammates since 2021 after McPherson joined the team. No matter where they go in their NFL careers from here on out, they will always share this special bond and a special anniversary.


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