July 16, 2024

Good News For Jaguars: He’s Returning

Throughout the offseason, we will be taking questions on the biggest questions facing the Jacksonville Jaguars. You can submit your questions every week by tweeting them to the Jaguar Report Twitter handle or by submitting them here.

This week we take questions on free agency, Brandon Aiyuk and more. Q: Is Ennis Rakestraw the pick? A: I’ll call my shot and still sit on the fence: I think the pick will be either Terrion Arnold or Kool-Aid McKinstry. Q: Mitchell, Odunze, Fauga all available at 17. Where ya going? A: I only see maybe Mitchell being there, but I would take Odunze. I would even trade up for Odunze. I think he is the second best wideout in the class. Q: Could you see the Jaguars entertaining a trade up to 9 if Rome Odunze makes it there? It gives them the X they’ve been missing and I can see it happening if there’s a run of QBs and a couple tackles. How steep would that price be? A: I could.

The Jaguars lost a No. 1 receiver in Calvin Ridley, and they know it. Odunze could be a No. 1 as early as his rookie year. I think doing the New Orleans Saints trade (swap firsts, throw in a third and a fourth) could get it done. I would offer a sixth, too, if that would get it over the goal line.


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