July 15, 2024

Sad News: Joe milton Announce his resignation and departure from tennessee today after facing…

1) The Vols secured the second seed in the Midwest. They are forced to play in the same division as Purdue. Given that Purdue had the overall #3 seed and the Vols were the #5 overall seed, making them the top 2 seeds, it’s interesting that the draw occurred. Thought the Vols might face UNC, the #4 overall seed in the West, but for now, things are as they are. Instead of playing a good team in Los Angeles, they must defeat a good club in Detroit (cross your fingers as I write this and hope they advance to the second weekend).

2) Tennessee may have to contend with 9-foot-9 Lord Zach Edey (yes, I am aware that he is 7’4″) and his roaming troupe of minstrels and officials if they manage to advance that far. Once more. I mention his roaming group of minstrels/officials because, in my whole life, I have never witnessed a basketball player receive more preferential treatment on a court. And since the middle of the 1980s, my old guy and I have watched basketball together. When I watched the Wisconsin-Purdue game on Saturday, I was astounded by the wide range of contact calls between the two teams, including two of the most egregious foul calls you will ever witness.

Tennessee would thus be faced with this if the Midwest went chalk. Indeed, the Vols are aware of this, having already suffered a defeat at the hands of Purdue in the November Maui Invitational. However, there are situations like this one where losing is the result of someone’s miscommunication with the big man.

3) Tennessee takes on Saint Peter’s in Charlotte to start its journey to its first-ever Final Four. That is not something Zakai Zeigler is really happy about. Or maybe he is; I’m not sure. In any case, he will be going up against Armoni Zeigler, his half-brother, a rookie guard for the Peacocks. The Zeigler brothers should be on the court at the same moment, and their paths will undoubtedly cross, considering he averages 6.4 points per game and plays 19 minutes per game. A conflict between siblings, indeed. Hopefully, the older Zeigler will have something to brag about.

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